Project Overview

Collaborated with an agile development engineering team to build a new cross-platform mobile application intended for all Microsoft employees worldwide by delivering UX guidance and alignment, screen flows and wireframes for Windows Phone, iOS and Android versions of the app.

What I did

Product planning  //  Cross-group collaboration  //  Responsive design  //  Visual design  //  Interaction design  //  Agile development  //  Wireframes  //  User Research  //  UX Leadership

QWIVER APP – IOS DESIGN (Screen capture of actual code)

Designing for 3 Platforms – (Visuals are early iterations)

Initial sketching

Main app information architecture – Dining category flow

Daily iterations

This project represented an outstanding use of the agile development process. I would create design flows during the day and hand them off to another PM at EOD. PM who would engage with an offshore development team in the middle of the night sharing the new designs. By morning, we had fresh bits to install on all three platforms. Then we could test and get feedback on what we did the day before.

Jobs Search Category – Level 2 – Interaction flow – (Slide show – USE ARROWS TO VIEW)

Rapid App Development – Daily Adjustments – (Slide show – USE ARROWS TO VIEW)

Project Research – (Slide show – USE ARROWS TO VIEW)