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Project Overview

Develop a deep dive design concept for a new feature for HP in the Win7- 8 timeframe. The focus was to conceptualize the end-user benefit of a HP User Channels Social Network feature using the HP Advisor application.

HP Advisor User Channels Deep Dive

I developed the concept and designed the e2e experience along with the user type and personas for the target user. I wrote the scenarios around mobile computing and home use of the User Channel feature. The User Channel feature would allow HP users to contribute content and submit data that HP could monetize and use it to deliver targeted advertising. The User Channel feature was designed to create a “community” environment between HP’s 19 million users.

Microsoft PM partners and HP VP’s love the HP User Channel concept, but as we ramped up for Windows 8 planning, PC3 was reorged into XDR (Windows Design & Research) and HP’s focus was redirected to other priorities.

HP Advisor User Channels Sketch Wireframe

One technique I use for wireframes is to create a line art outline of the app UI, print that out and sketch in flow details on paper. This allows for rapid concepting and still maintain consistent structure.

HP Advisor User Channels Hi-Fidelity Comp

Higher definition of the HP Advisor app showing the User Channel Social Network feature.

HP Advisor Digital Sketch Style

I developed the sketch style for the scenario visuals using digital photography and Photoshop plugins. This technique allows me to shoot and composite scenario visuals with a lot of flexibility and control.

Whenever I use traditional sketch method’s, I would use photo reference found online or shoot my own reference. My sketching would improve as I progress through the storyboards and then would have to go back and redo the first drawings. It took some experimentation, but once I had the right settings, it was just as efficient to use this sketch composite method as it is to sketch the visuals using traditional drawing methods. I’ve used this approach for many scenarios and storyboards since then, sharing it with other designers and researchers. It always generates a lot of interest and curiosity.