Cross-group collaboration  |  Product planning  |  Hardware / software integration  |  Interaction design  |  Visual design

Project Overview

As a PC3 UX designer, I drove or contributed to several RGB, Sensors and UX projects, along with assisting the RGB team in meeting their design and UX needs. PC|3 UX was a small, agile and talented design and research team. For a such small team, we had large acronyms. PC|3 stood for Components, Creation, Collaboration and RGB represented a OEM UX strategy. R is HP, G is Sony and B is Dell. Our team worked from a restricted access studio because of the need to maintain confidentiality between the RGB OEM’s.

The projects on this page represent a few of the wide-ranging set of design challenges I drove during my 1st year as a full-time Microsoft designer. At performance review time, I was ranked in the top 20% of my peer designers at Microsoft and promoted to the next tier (Designer II). A month later, while we were ramping up for Windows 8 planning, the PC|3 UX team was reorged into the Windows Design and Research Team. (XDR)

PC|3 UX Team

Marketing and Branding poster I created for the PC|3 UX team to get the word out that we had a new slogan. “People fall in love with PC’s” was a strategic slogan to counter the love that Apple users have expressed for Apple products.

Dell Camera App Partner video

Partnering with the Microsoft marketing team, Dell created a great short tutorial for users new to Windows 8 that shows the Camera app interaction model and other aspects (Start tile, settings, in-app invocation and dialogs) of the Camera experiences that I designed.

Camera App workflow

Video capture workflow.

Camera App post-mortem